The week of June 15 in links

Last weeks links. Lots of RTs as usual. The span of links goes from zombie music all the way to cooking, but most of the links are to more classic geek stuff:

  • I wonder how much time I will spend on getting Kindle stuff to work on my netbook. My Asus eee 1000he is my current book reader and I prefer it to paper books. My ebook reader app of choice was eReader, but now they’re refusing to sell me books since I live in Norway so I need to find alternatives. Luckily, I still have a stack of unread books in eReader, but they will run out eventually and then I need to find another source of books. A Kindle app could be the best solution.
  • RT @phusion_nl Phusion Passenger 2.2.3 “Bug Fix Edition” released. Passenger makes my set of Racks including Sinatra run in a web server environment (Apache) that I trust. I will also test Passenger with nginx, but that’s a bit down on my todo list.
  • RT @startupstudent: New blog post: Why am I doing this?. I commented on the blog post, but I will actually publish my own take on startup life vs lifestyle design inspired by this post later today.
  • RT @timbury: RT @StevoMoviemaker RT @MrMarketingMan: NC – loved this. Twitter from your Commodore 64. How cool is that? Both my wife and I still have C64s and last we checked, they worked. Back in the 80s, making the breadbox do things it wasn’t meant for was cool, but we mostly focused on sound and graphics. Any network connection would’ve been a dead slow modem
  • RT @ruby_news Testing Rails with Rack::Test. I’m not using Rails, but I use Rack and Sinatra. If you’re developing Rack applications (no matter which framework) and not using Rack::Test you should either start doing so now or let me know which testing framework is even better.
  • Another great recipe from Just Bento is the tuna tofu miso burger recipe. I haven’t tried this one, but I will as it looks and sounds delicious.
  • RT @civis: 1 egg tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) | Just Bento – I made one of these for lunch this week and loved it. Dead easy to make when following this recipe and low cal as well.
  • RT @ruby_news: Profiling Ruby With Google’s Perftools – I know I’ll be using this in the coming month
  • My favorite for the summer hit of 2010 – Shamblin’ Back by Brother D of Mail Order Zombie
  • RT @atveit: RT @abiody Abiody ready for (cloud) business from July 1st – Interesting cloud oriented startup.

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