A name please

Coming up with a name for a new company is a mixed experience. I love the creative part of it where one tries to come up with something that reflects what the company will do while not preventing us from doing other things as well. I could live without the checking whether a name is taken by in most cases verifying that yes, of course, the .com domain is not available. Several sessions of brain storming around potential names had resulted in a few interesting combinations of names and numbers that sounded good when we discussed them, but they did not necessarily sound that well the day after. No, there was no alcohol involved in any of these sessions. We were both sober.

Some things happened after returning home from the movies close to midnight and grabbing a beer. I suddenly had lots of interesting name suggestions and my wife discovered the Company Name Generator. I laughed that off of course since the generator probably would cough up a bunch of stupid names that I would be embarrassed to tell people about.

I wrote down my brilliant ideas in a spreadsheet, grabbed another beer and my wife came up with a good name using the generator. What more, the .com domain was available and I booked it right away. I had to admit my mistake and accept the fact that the generator won. To my defence, I should add that the name I ended up with wasn’t exactly the same as she got from the generator, but it sounds the same and I thought my spelling was the one she came up with. The generator suggested Sinceserial, while my interpretation was Sincerial and that’s our name.

My suggestions? As usual, they didn’t sound good the next day, but Sincerial did and from checking the response from a few other people it’s probably going to stick.

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