Sincerial Launched

Since we launched Sincerial with one connected online store, on Thursday, I feel it’s time to go through the system and the choices we made on our way to launch. Hosting The obvious and easy choice was Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). A hosting service such as EC2 allows a lot […]

Meet the people

In the beforetime, before I started working in search engine companies, I had some direct customer relations. I didn’t think much about it back then, but I have great memories of the experiences I got from dealing with customers. I tend to be rated extrovert on personality tests, but if that’s true, I’m a conditional […]

Lifestyle design

I read Jeremy Lattimore’s blog post about lifestyle design on Startup Student the other day and it got me thinking. Sure, I have thought about the concept several times since I decided to found a company rather than taking a regular job, but reading that blog post made me more conscious about my decisions. Furthermore, […]

Startup Scrum

We now have a written backlog for our product and we have completed our first few sprints. Velocity has been much higher than expected. This is partly a result of being in a low overhead startup and partly a result of finding good tools and applying kiss whenever possible. Actually getting the backlog documented felt […]

A name please

Coming up with a name for a new company is a mixed experience. I love the creative part of it where one tries to come up with something that reflects what the company will do while not preventing us from doing other things as well. I could live without the checking whether a name is […]

First Week

First week of full-time work for the startup over and what did I accomplish? I have dumped all of English Wikipedia into a CouchDB database and discovered that mapping over this amount of data on a single server is not possible. I find this weird so I need to do some more investigation, but that […]

The startup funding dilemma

We are developing our startup plans and we are talking to business developers, but there is a few decision that need to be made. The original plan I had was to do heavy development first and then seek VC funding. In the current economy, that plan doesn’t sit to well with other people. We revised […]

Reuse or build from scratch

I discovered that I could reuse for another similar server app. After spending time on adapting the taggee code and get all tests to pass, it dawned on me that there had to be a simpler way of building my storage system. I could make some of the code more general to reduce complexity […]


As my plans for a startup is about to become reality, I think it’s time to start telling the world beyond my twitter followers that something is about to happen. My main worry was whether I could get 1-2 interesting people to join me. The first choice in partner was a hit so we’re rolling. […]