How Robots are Changing the Way we Sell

I had a talk about how AI is changing marketing and sales at Inbound 2016. The slides are available at Since the slides are not self-explanatory, I decided to write this companion post. “No humans should perform slave work. It is not interesting, it is tiring and the payment is low. All work than can […]

dict issues in pyspark

I was running some Spark jobs that showed odd results. The output had complex fields that showed up with null values for fields that should always have a value: { “year”: null, “name”: “John Smith”, “age”: null } This puzzled me. I tried hardcoding all those values and setting them once by setting the field to this […]

Named Entities

Here’s an introduction to named entities, named entity recognition (NER), and named entity disambiguation (entity linking). There is also information about how this is useful for Companybook. I originally held this presentation for a Data Science Meetup in Oslo. It’s aimed at data scientists.

Iterating over joins in Pig

Apache Pig is a fantastic language for processing data. It is sometimes incredibly annoying, but it beats the hell out of writing a ton of map reduces and chaining them together. When iterating over joins, an issue that I know that I’m not the only one having ran into is referencing data after a join […]

A fistful of links

Here’s a list of links I tweeted over the last week or so (as requested by @dmpetersson). I considered shamelessly removing the RT info, but came to my senses and carried them over. Clearly shows that the majority of my links are retweets, but then again more people might discover the interesting people who originally […]

CouchDB to the rescue

Got CouchDB installed on my Fedora box. This thing is sweet. Working with a RESTful JSON/HTTP storage system is so much easier than old-fashioned SQL databases. If I were to store users and a lists of stuff per users where this stuff could be shared among more users in a realtional db, I would create […]