CouchDB to the rescue

Got CouchDB installed on my Fedora box. This thing is sweet. Working with a RESTful JSON/HTTP storage system is so much easier than old-fashioned SQL databases. If I were to store users and a lists of stuff per users where this stuff could be shared among more users in a realtional db, I would create […]

Reuse or build from scratch

I discovered that I could reuse for another similar server app. After spending time on adapting the taggee code and get all tests to pass, it dawned on me that there had to be a simpler way of building my storage system. I could make some of the code more general to reduce complexity […]


As my plans for a startup is about to become reality, I think it’s time to start telling the world beyond my twitter followers that something is about to happen. My main worry was whether I could get 1-2 interesting people to join me. The first choice in partner was a hit so we’re rolling. […]