CouchDB and the web

This is my presentation from JavaZone 2010 Note that during my presentation, I showed the view section and basic replication directly in Futon instead of showing the fallback in the slides. What I did show was mostly the same, but naturally I showed some variations on the mappers as well.

A functional approach to Ruby

Several articles and blog posts have been written about functional Ruby. They tend to focus either on whether Ruby is a functional language or how to do functional programming in Ruby. I am not planning to do either. This post will look into the benefits of a functional approach to Ruby and the transition from […]

Pillow, the CouchDB shard manager

If there is one thing that has bothered me about my choice of CouchDB as the main storage system for Sincerial, it’s the lack of an automatic system for shard management. In the early days of a startup, a single server is probably capable of handling all the necessary data. However, a successful service that […]

CouchDB Replication Monitor

CouchDB does replication, but replication needs to be set up after each server restart. This means you need to ensure that replication is restarted whenever the daemon restarts CouchDB. I have never seen replication stop working without a restart, but I prefer being safe to being sorry about replication. To be perfectly honest, I do […]

Sincerial Launched

Since we launched Sincerial with one connected online store, on Thursday, I feel it’s time to go through the system and the choices we made on our way to launch. Hosting The obvious and easy choice was Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). A hosting service such as EC2 allows a lot […]

CouchDB on Amazon EC2 CentOS server with Sprinkle

Read the Getting Started part of Till Klamp├Ąckel’s CouchDB on Ubuntu on AWS blog post for some general information. I see no reason to repeat those things here. Till stresses the need for a security group opening port 80, but you should also enable ssh at port 22, otherwise it will be impossible to isntall […]

Meet the people

In the beforetime, before I started working in search engine companies, I had some direct customer relations. I didn’t think much about it back then, but I have great memories of the experiences I got from dealing with customers. I tend to be rated extrovert on personality tests, but if that’s true, I’m a conditional […]